Jack Stankovic
Real-time computing; wireless energy and health applications

Associate Director

Jon Goodall
Water management; resilient infrastructure systems;
smart cities


kamin_whitehouse_3_2 (1)
Kamin Whitehouse
Wireless embedded sensing; smart and energy-efficient buildings
Haibo Dong
Biomimetics; flapping wing Micro Air Vehicle (MAV)
John Lach
Body sensor networks; integrated circuit design methodologies
Steve Patek
Stochastic optimization, control, and games; diabetes technology and health systems models
Homa Alemzadeh
Cyber-physical systems safety and security; medical systems and analytics
Madhur Behl
Cyber-physical systems, machine learning, control systems
Peter Beling
Reinforcement learning, predictive analytics and control, smart manufacturing
Nicola Bezzo
Autonomous mobile robots (aerial and ground vehicles); cyber-physical systems security; co-design of robotic systems
Benton Calhoun
Self powered wireless sensors. Ultra low power integrated circuits.
Brad Campbell
Energy-harvesting sensors; networks of connected “things”
Lu Feng
Medical cyber-physical systems; human-in-the-loop autonomous systems
Cody Fleming
System safety; integration of automated and autonomous systems in air and ground transportation
Matthew Gerber
Cyber-human sensing and intervention systems


Yacov Haimes
Risk modeling of CPS as interdependent and interconnected complex systems of systems
Devin Harris
Structural health monitoring, crowd-sourced condition characterization of infrastructure
Arsalan Heydarian
Automated/smart systems and human behavior; Human-robotic collaboration
Tho Nguyen
Smart & connected communities, large-scale system modeling & controls, global development engineering.
Brian Park
Connected and automated vehicles; intelligent transportation systems
Dan Quinn
Bio-inspired vehicles; energy harvesting
Haiying Shen
Congestion-adaptive Data Collection with Accuracy Guarantee in Cyber-Physical Systems; SCPS: A Social-aware Distributed Cyber-Physical Human-centric Search Engine
Brian Smith
Connected and autonomous vehicles; smart cities
Mircea Stan
Low power design and emerging technologies; Cross-Layer Accelerated Self-Healing (CLASH): circadian rhythms for resilient electronic systems
Yuan Tian
Security and privacy of mobile systems and Internet of Things


Malathi Veeraraghavan
Networked robotics