Link Lab Spring 2017 Seminar Series

The Link Lab is pleased to announce its Spring 2017 Seminar Series. All talks will be from 10:45-noon in Rice Hall, Room 242. To schedule a meeting with a speaker, please contact that speaker’s faculty host.

Speaker Title Seminar Date and Time Faculty Host Links
Yongchao Yang Full-field Imaging and Modeling of Structural Dynamics with Digital Video Camera Sensing Fri, Feb 17, 10:45-noon, Rice 242 Devin Harris Seminar Announcement  
Dan Work From Mobile Sensing to Mobile Actuation: How Smarter Vehicles are Shaping what we know about Urban Traffic Mon, Feb 20, 10:45-noon, Rice 242 Donna Chen Seminar Announcement  
Jie Xiong Pushing the Limits of Indoor Localization
in Today’s Wi-Fi Networks
Fri, Feb 24, 10:45-noon, Rice 242 Kamin Whitehouse Seminar Announcement  
Marta Gonzalez Data Science for Energy Efficiency of Cities Mon, Feb 27, 10:45-noon, Rice 242 Jon Goodall  Seminar Announcement
Hao Sun Harnessing Data Analytics and Computational Models in Structural Monitoring Wed, Mar 1, 10:45-noon, Rice 242 Devin Harris Seminar Announcement
Derya Aksaray Resilient Autonomy via Formal Methods Fri, Mar 3, 10:45-noon, Rice 242 John Lach Seminar Announcement
Arsalan Heydarian Lights, building, action: The impact of occupant behavior on building energy consumption Mon, Mar 6, 10:45-noon, Rice 242 Jon Goodall Seminar Announcement
Fotis Kopsaftopoulos TBA Wed, Mar 8, 10:45-noon, Rice 242 Cody Fleming Seminar Announcement

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