Cross-Layer Accelerated Self-Healing (CLASH): Circadian Rhythms for Resilient Electronic Systems

CLASHA great challenge in recent chip design is coping with process, voltage, temperature and aging (PVTA) variations. These variations require increased design margins or alternative circuit designs to minimize their effects, which often reduce power, performance, and area (PPA) metrics. Aging in particular causes a gradual degradation of these metrics when a circuit is under stress and eventually leads to catastrophic failure. In the CLASH project we try to exploit periodic active recovery schedules inspired by circadian rhythms in biological systems where the body regularly undergoes a period of deep rejuvenation during sleep. The default idea of “sleeping” for an electronic system is one where it is merely inactive; we argue for replacing that with active accelerated recovery by changing environmental conditions during sleep, such as negative voltages and elevated temperatures.

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  • Research by Prof. Mircea Stan & group